Welcome one and all!

Hey everyone…I’m not good with introductions…

I can say that filmmaking and storywriting has been a major part of my life, though unlike others where they’ve been making films or writing things since they were four, my history with both subjects has been…rocky.

What came first was writing for sure, and I remember being absolutely terrible at it. The most I ever wrote back in those early years was a few words accompanied by a bunch of squiggly lines (I mean, the cartoons did it, so it must have meant something!). My relationship with filmmaking started a little later, but a bit differently. The first things I ever made were these shorts of me playing with LEGO figurines and telling stories from there, though the stories were never original.

But over time, things began to change. Having been inspired by a stop-motion animator on YouTube, I began to dive into the world of stop-motion, which slowly progressed into a desire to pursue all forms of filmmaking. As English classes began to become more complex, I found a fascination in the way people could command words and transform them into a second language, one that spoke volumes about the things they experienced and how those experiences are still relevant. Having finally kicked off my interest in writing, I knew I wanted to do more than just type away. I wanted to explore the effect of storytelling across mediums; I loved imagining ways stories could be told or re-told to fit new narratives, and that was something I wanted to exploit.

I may be looking to direct movies, but the act of writing and building a story is a crucial part of why I became interested in this field in the first place. Be it a qualified actor or a simple LEGO figure, whatever lies in the story is what matters to me.

I’ve been told by many that this field is not as easy as it sounds. It’s a cruel business, and few are able to land any footing when they want to. Some directors didn’t make their break until they were 50 years old. Regardless of when or how I get a job like that, I’m not laying down my passion where failure is treated as a foregone conclusion. I’m gonna keep adding to this blog to keep proving myself, and if you want to join me…

…then welcome aboard.

An essential aspect of creativity is not being afraid to fail.  — Edwin Land